Our Innovative Pasta

Pasta 2.0

You don't have to be on a gluten-free diet to fall in love with our no-gluten pasta. Made from legume flours and whole eggs, our fresh, no-gluten pasta has the firm texture and delicious flavour of regular pasta.

Using only Swiss and Italian produce, with zero preservatives or chemicals, our gluten-free pasta is freshly made every day. We fuse traditional Italian cuisine with innovative new ingredients, to create healthy pasta meals that are nutritious, delicious and ready in minutes.

Made daily at our Petit Chêne shop in the heart of Lausanne, Liggs’ unique no-gluten pasta is based on three key qualities:


Our no-gluten pasta tastes as good or better than regular pasta. It’s not only for people on a gluten-free diet, but anyone who’s passionate about healthy, flavoursome pasta.


We mix a variety of legume and corn flours with whole eggs so Liggs’ pasta isn’t just gluten-free, it’s also low carb, high protein and as delicious as it is nutritious.


It cooks in 2-6 minutes, and retains its firm texture while boiling like regular fresh pasta. It’s not watery, sloppy, or plain. It’s fast, firm and flavourful.