Histoire d’une passion

Notre amour des pâtes

For years Enrico and Perla travelled the world, always nurturing their passion for traditional Italian cuisine.

When Perla started a small business delivering home cooked Italian dishes to events, La Forchetta di Perla was born. And with a menu based on her grandmother’s own recipes, La Forchetta di Perla’s authentic meals were an instant hit.

Mais le couple voulait élargir sa gamme de repas italiens de haute qualité et permettre au public de découvrir les pâtes fraîches sans gluten.

Neither were gluten intolerant but both appreciated the health and wellbeing benefits of no-gluten foods. The problem was, no-gluten pasta tasted terrible.

Enrico loves a challenge, and his experience as a biologist meant he refused to believe it was impossible to make fresh, no-gluten pasta to the same delicious standards of classic.

Fusing innovative new techniques by adding nutrient-rich legume flours such as lentils, green beans and chickpeas, with the culinary influences of his home town Liguria, gave birth to something truly unique - Liggs Pasta.

Thanks to her background in architecture, Perla wanted to make a pasta bar that put the ‘fun’ in functional. Designed with an open kitchen so the pasta production is proudly at the forefront, means every Liggs customer can see how the pasta, gnocchi and ravioli are prepared, watching their meals being cooked right before their eyes.

Présentant un choix de sauces liguriennes, et mariant l’inspiration italienne aux meilleurs produits locaux suisses, les pâtes fraîches sans gluten de LIGGS pâtes, gnocchi et ravioli artisanaux sont aussi délicieux que bons pour la santé.

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