Fresh, no-gluten pasta.

The only place to get homemade, no-gluten pasta on-the-go. Get gluten-free pasta meals made right in front of you with the best quality ingredients.

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The only pasta takeaway in Lausanne where you can get locally produced, gluten-free pasta meals.

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Made daily

Our pasta and sauces are freshly made with natural ingredients every day.

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Fresh & Natural

Free from chemicals or preservatives, our pasta dishes are made using the finest Swiss and Italian ingredients.

Made daily

Our pasta is freshly made every day in our open laboratory.




No-gluten pasta 2.0

We've rebooted no-gluten pasta so now you don't have to sacrifice taste and texture. Using the finest ingredients, innovative new techniques and the talent of Liggs’ chefs, our pasta dishes need to be tasted to be believed.

Using only Swiss and Italian produce, with zero preservatives or chemicals, our gluten-free pasta is freshly made every day. Our dishes are authentic, delicious and convenient so you can go from ordering to mouth watering, in a matter of minutes.

Modern dining, traditional taste.

Locally-sourced artisan pasta, to eat here or at home. The only place in Lausanne where you can get gluten-free, freshly made pasta dishes. Order online, over the phone, or at the counter.

Too busy to cook? Choose from our unique menu and pick up within minutes. Our homemade pasta with authentic sauces and garnishes, means you can eat healthy, delicious meals at home with minimal efforts.

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